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The FCA’s PPI Deadline Campaign – Will it Work?

It features and animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger which, say the advertising firm behind the campaign, will 'cut through the noise' surrounding PPI. In other words, they say that our identifying with a well-known Hollywood actor will help us to make a decision about whether we want to claim PPI or not.

If you do, you need to make a claim before 29th August 2019. But will the advertising campaign work? Will it galvanise people into action? Or will the British public still be apathetic about making a claim?

Will it…

Mean more nuisance texts?

Some experts believe that any good effect of the advert will be negated by the fresh wave of nuisance texts and calls from some claim management companies and other firms.

Unfortunately, these spam texts and calls have put many people off from making a claim because they seem to promise the earth but deliver very little.

Claim management companies can, however, be a great tool for some people to use for their PPI claims. Always check the company and look for one that offers a no win, no free service and promise a no obligation chat so that you don't get in tied in. It goes without saying: check their fee structure too!

End indecision?

It may have the required effect on people so that as many people as possible claim their money back. PPI was mis-sold to millions of people, with around 64 million policies sold. In our experience, we find that people are unsure about how to find out if they have PPI.

With your authority, we can find out if you have PPI and on what account(s). You then make the decision whether to make a claim or not.

Be taken seriously?

It's hard to tell. At the time of publishing, the adverts had only just hit our screens being shown in prime-time evening slots in between the nation's favourite programmes and soap operas.

The advert aired several times in one night. Hopefully, there are other versions of the advert and that there will be splurges in the promotional side of the campaign. It may be that the adverts become too frequent, leading to more complacency.

Success will be measured by an increase in both people making claims and those who choose to explore whether they have a claim or not.

Work? Hopefully, people will be galvanised into action to find out if they have PPI. The first step is to find out if you have PPI and we can do that for you. For more information about our no win, no fee service, call us today!