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How to claim PPI compensation on CATALOGUE ACCOUNTS

There are many different type of accounts as well as many lenders and banks that were involved in the controversy surrounding the mis-sale of payment protection insurance (PPI).

Since the scandal broke several years ago, thousands of people have claimed their money back after being sold an insurance policy that they did not need or want.

However, many people are unaware that some accounts other than loans and mortgages etc. may also have had PPI added to them or, you may have been sold the insurance product after your opened the original account.

Did you or do you have an account with a catalogue company?

Many accounts and credit facilities offered by catalogues and so on are underwritten by large financial institutions. Some you may not have heard of but some are very familiar. Even those banks that you think are independent can actually be part of one of the well-known banks here in the UK.

Also, some of these credit facilities provided by a company may have been bought by a larger bank and thus, this bank is now responsible for the claims being made in relation to PPI compensation.

Do you have a catalogue account?

To make a claim for mis-sold PPI, you first need to be certain that you have PPI on the catalogue account.

This applies to both online catalogue account facilities, as well as paper ones e.g. where you receive a catalogue in the mail and so on.

Check through the small print of the account terms and conditions. In some cases, PPI was 'hidden' and not necessarily brought to the attention of the customer. Likewise, it was sometimes added as an afterthought although you may have received a letter telling you that they had added this great product to your account.

If you spot that you have PPI, why not take a moment to think back to when it was sold to you? Can you remember why or when you bought it? Was it added to your account or did a representative of the company call you?

Complaining about PPI

If you identify a PPI type policy, you can make a complaint to the catalogue company or provider of the account facilities. You need to tell them that you have PPI on the account and that you believe it was mis-sold to you. You may want to tell them why you believe it was mis-sold and make it clear you expect to be compensated.

Or, get Payment Protection Scotland to do it for you!

We can help you to claim PPI compensation if it was mis-sold to you. So check your catalogue account and then call us!