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PPI and Spam Texts

Unsolicited mail and other unwelcome marketing ploys

The payment protection insurance (PPI) debacle has created an industry all of its own. As the customer fights back against the bank or lender that not only mis-sold them PPI but also unfairly overcharged them for it, there is another thorn in the consumer's side - the unsolicited and rather persistent texts, mail, phone calls and emails that have plagued everyone over the PPI mis-selling saga.

Unsolicited marketing ploys - how do you know which are genuine and which are not?

In all honesty, once you have the information then you will know what a marketing ploy is and which ones are nonsense.

Nonsense - the texts, letters, email and phone calls from claims management companies who can tell you BEFORE you have given them information that you are entitled to a certain amount of compensation.

Everyone has received at least one unsolicited text that will say something along the lines of...

"you are entitled to £2,750 in PPI compensation" or "our records show that..."

Do Not Be Drawn In!

No company - claims management or otherwise - are able to obtain your financial information from you bank, building society or any other financial institution. No UK bank or company would sell this kind of information as this would illegal.

These texts etc. draw in people as the amount specified is usually made to realistic or some claims management companies have used the average PPI payout figure as the amount owing to a customer.

Use Payment Protection Scotland

How much PPI compensation is owed to you is calculated once we know the full facts and details of your account(s).

Many claims management firms also use unrealistic claims as part of their marketing strategy. A common claim that many make is that as a specialist firm, they can secure not only a successful outcome but also a quick resolution to your claim - in some cases, suggesting that they can resolve your claim quicker than you could, should you choose to make a PPI claim yourself.

No matter who submits your PPI compensation claim - whether it is you or a specialist claims management company - it will be dealt with in chronological order.

Use Payment Protection Scotland

We do have a high success rate and that is because we take time at the start of the PPI compensation process to talk through any potential case with a customer. Firstly, we make sure that you have PPI on your account and then we set about creating your letter of complaint which focuses on the reasons why you were mis-sold PPI.

No claims management company can guarantee a successful resolution to your PPi compensation claim but, with a reputable company on your side - like Payment Protection Scotland - you can be confident your claim is in safe hands.