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PPI and Home Improvements

You wouldn't necessarily think of these two things together, but three years in to making compensation claims for mis-sold PPI, surveys and research and showing what and how, compensated customers are spending their windfall on.

The home is your castle

The home is the place where we feel safe. We want it clean, modern and fresh but, with the recession of 2008 still being a too recent a memory for many people, some expenditure was put on hold.

Decorating, for example, can be an expensive business, especially if you pay someone else to do it. Maybe a window or two needs replacing, or the back door needs to be replaced with a double glazed one… the guttering needs cleaning and repairing… the list could go on and on.

Some home improvements can be easily completed as DIY tasks, but others need a professional and, when the budget is already under strain, asking for more is simply not an option.

A recent survey says…

… that 22% of those people questioned who had successfully claimed PPI compensation had spent it on upgrading and updating their homes.

This was anything from an extension, to giving it a much needed make over. High on the list of home improvements were new items, essential to the running of a family home. A new fridge and freezer, and other white good was a common expenditure item.

Could you improve your home with your PPI windfall?

You could but first, you need to claim your money back. And this is not the onerous, stressful task that you think, especially if you engage the services of a professional company such as Payment Protection Scotland.

You will need to check that you have PPI and you can do this in a number of ways. The most common and fruitful is to check your account, paperwork and so on, looking for an insurance policy that promises, in the event of you not being able to, to make the repayments on the loan and so on.

Check every account that provided you with credit, from credit cards to store cards, loans to mortgages.

If you see you have PPI, ask the bank or lender for your money back but, you will need to tell them why PPI is not suitable for you. In some cases, PPI was added without the customer knowing so, if you think this has happened to you, this is the basis of your claim.

Why not get the professional help of Payment Protection Scotland to make your claim?