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Questions and Answers – key information you need to know about claiming for mis-sold PPI

PPI was sold to be over the phone - I do remember the bank calling me - and so in effect, I agreed to it. Does this mean that my claim is not valid?

Many people assume that because they agreed to buy the policy that they do not have a rightful claim to compensation. This however, does not immediately negate any claim.

Many people were sold the policy over the phone and asked to make a snap decision on whether to buy it or not. Even though you agreed to it, you did so based on information that was given to you at the time.

Some of this will be 'sales patter' such as, "wouldn't you like to protect your repayments, sir, and know that your family are looked after". Sales speak is designed to be deliberately emotive because in doing so, they appeal to a side of your character that is open to manipulation, so to speak.

And so, you will have made the decision based on your emotions and not realised perhaps, that you were not given all the information you needed - neither you were you afforded the luxury of time to think about it - and so, you agreed. You made, according to the sales representative, a decision that your family would be grateful for in the event something happened...

Your claim could be eligible for PPI compensation.

I'm sure how it was mis-sold to me. It just seems to be there. It was part of the whole deal - sign here and then sign here. Do I have a claim?

This is a story common to customers across Scotland and we can all picture the scene.

You are applying for a loan to buy a new car. It is important to you. Applying for this money is an emotional response to a need that you have. Without a reliable car, you cannot work etc. and so on.

And so, you sign what is put in front of you. We know we shouldn't. We know we should take our time and read them but, the application is minutes away from being approved, and you need this money so badly…

We've all been there and there are many customers who feel more than a little judged by their lack of knowledge. But you are not the only one. Many customers have been bamboozled in this way.

Why not call Payment Protection Scotland and tell them your PPI mis-selling story? You could have a claim and all those hundreds or thousands of pounds you signed away in error could be yours once again.