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Claiming PPI compensation – Myths and Facts

Claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) is most circumstances is straightforward. It should not be a complex process but, every now and then, there can be issues that arise that some customers may need help with.

But, as the months march on, there are some myths that perpetuate and so it is important you understand the process, right from the start…

Claiming with a company such as Payment Protection Scotland will mean a compensation claim is resolved quicker

Any claim management company who tells you this is playing on a myth that has sprung up as part of marketing campaigns from many months ago. This is not true as banks and lenders must respond to all queries for compensation within a set time frame. No company can push through any claim quicker than another.

Claiming PPI compensation with a company such as Payment Protection Scotland is a waste of money

Some people are confident and have the time to make PPI compensation claims for themselves. But other customers feel 'safer' in the knowledge that a company such as ourselves can act as an intermediary, a third person in the process that they can find frightening or off-putting. For various reasons, including debt and a poor relationship with their bank, some customers are not confident or happy about dealing with their bank or lender.

Claiming PPI compensation cannot be done if a customer is in arrears or in debt

Again, this is a myth that seems to have grown out of nowhere. And it is not the case. Some people assume that if they are in arrears, that the PPI compensation they claim will simply be wiped off this debt and they will not benefit in anyway. With a claim management company on your side such as PPI Scotland, we make sure that you not only get the right amount of PPI compensation, but that any other fees and costs incurred on your account as a result of this expensive insurance policy being added to it, are also recouped.

You WILL be in a much better financial position as once your account is back in the 'black' and up to date, your credit score will improve.

Claiming compensation with the help of Payment Protection Scotland is smooth and easy

We believe that the customer service experience we offer customers is one of the best in the business. We will help you if you have a genuine and eligible claim for PPI compensation, whether your case is simple and straightforward, or complex - we charge one feeonly.

Isn't it about time you claim the PPI compensation you are entitled to?