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How Do You Know if PPI Was Mis-sold To You?

You would think it would be obvious but there is a bewildering array of reasons why PPI may have been mis-sold to you.


Our PPI mis-selling wheel will help you whether you are starting a new claim or whether you have made a claim and it has been rejected.

Here at Payment Protection Scotland, we aim to help people by offering a professional service, to help them claim their money back.

We know and understand that PPI was sold to millions of customers across the UK, including here in Scotland. We are passionate about helping you claim your money back and we don't want you to miss out.

But if you don't make your claim soon, you could face not having your money back at all. You have until August 2019 to launch a PPI complaint so take a look at our mis-selling wheel top find out more.

Here are some ideas as to why you probably were mis-sold PPI…

Our graphic shows six reasons why PPI may have been mis-sold to you, although there can be other valid reasons too.

Many people, for example, were told that PPI was compulsory - it was NOT! You could have bought a similar type policy from somewhere else, getting a substantially better deal and cover.

A common sales tactic is the second reason on the mis-selling wheel. It was the implication that buying the policy would place your application for a loan or credit card etc., in a much better light. Again, this is not an acceptable selling practice.

Likewise, many people were also not told of the specific exclusions such as not being covered on the grounds of existing health issues or that how you worked also impacted on whether you were covered or not.

And possibly the most misleading one is the fact that for some customers, they were not even told that PPI was added to their accounts and this is why it is so important to claim back PPI compensation from your bank, credit card provider or lender!

Why not get help from Payment Protection Scotland? We are experts in the field of PPI compensation.

Were YOU mis-sold PPI?

  • Were you told it was COMPULSORY?
  • the sales representative IMPLIED it would benefit your application
  • If you did buy it, were you told the cover would NOT last the full term of your loan?
  • Were you told about the health issues and illnesses that would NOT be covered under the policy?
  • Were you unemployed, self-employed or retired at the time you took the policy out?
  • It could have been added without you knowledge or consent...