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Test Your PPI Knowledge

The PPI saga has been running for many years now but with the end possibility in sight, we thought it was about time you tested your knowledge on everything PPI related. Let us know how you do…

You CANNOT claim PPI compensation if you don't have the paperwork - True or False?

Back when the PPI mis-selling saga first hit the headlines, there was a lot of talk that centred on proof. The burden of proof is on the customer - YOU have to prove that you were mis-sold the policy.

Many people thought this meant also proving that you have a PPI policy. In some ways you do but, over the years, it became obvious that banks and lenders did know who had PPI and who didn't.

Thus, you can know contact your bank or lender, ask them if you have PPI and then continue to make a claim for compensation.

EVERYONE has a claim for PPI compensation - True or False?

Lots and lots of customers were mis-sold PPI and in the vast majority of cases, PPI was mis-sold to them.

You need to tell the bank why you were mis-sold it and there are a huge number of reasons why this may have been the case.

Many people are still unaware they have or had PPI - True or False?

True but with all the drama, twists and turns, you would think that every person across Scotland would know about PPI and how it was mis-sold to thousands of people.

However, PPI was mis-sold in many different ways, including the policy simply being added to an account without the consent or knowledge of the customer.

The truth is, many more people could be sitting on PPI compensation claims - and have no idea!

You MUST make a claim by 2018 - True or False?

There has been a lot of printed words relating to the PPI deadline of 2018 but, at the time of writing, there has been no official announcement as to whether there will be a deadline imposed, let alone when this deadline will be.

Financial experts think a decision will be made in the spring of 2016 and that the end of summer 2018 will be the PPI deadline.

PPI Scotland can help you make a claim for PPI compensation - True or False?

True, we can help you make a claim if you have PPI and if you believe you were mis-sold it. If you are unsure what mis-selling actually means, we can help with that too!

To find out more, call Payment Protection Scotland today for a no obligation chat!

PPI Advice Scotland

For PPI Advice Scotland visit the Payment Protection Scotland PPI Advice and information site:


New Payment Protection Scotland PPI Information Website

Payment Protection Scotland have launched a new PPI Advice and Infomation website.

The aim of the website is to give a balanced view about PPI to people interested claiming back PPI in Scotland.

The Website can be accessed via the link below:

» Payment Protection Scotland's PPI Advice & Information Website