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Calls to Stop PPI Cold Calls

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was a financial product mis-sold to hundreds and thousands of unsuspecting banking customers in the UK.

It has come to represent so many things to so many people;

  • Some customers associate a healthy PPI compensation cheque
  • Banks see it as an embarrassing episode in the history of their bank
  • Other banks and financial institutions see as the sole reason for their profits to be tumbling like they have never seen before
  • Consumer groups see it as a gross breach of consumer law and trust
  • Some people see it as opportunity to make money once again from unsuspecting customers

This last group have become a growing issue within the UK in the last few years and are commonly seen as unscrupulous claims management companies.

In fact, their practices have become such a problem that the powerful consumer group Citizens Advice has called for cold-calling regarding PPI claims to be stopped.

They estimate the30 million people have received unwanted messages regarding PPI. 67% of the population has received a phone call, text, email or unwanted mail regarding making a PPI claim.

The majority of people had not given permission to be contacted and at least half of these people said they had been contacted up to 10 times about PPI.

The most common form of contact was through text or short messaging service (SMS). Many of the phone calls that people received did not just focus on PPI either; people were also offered loans and other financial products. 15,000 of the complaints received by Citizens advice between April 2012 and March 2013 related to PPI and offers of loans.

OFCOM, the regulator of communication in the UK, has promised that it will investigate the instances of cold-calling and nuisance calls.

Payment Protection Scotland is a professional company who do not engage in cold-calling or sending of unwanted texts. We believe wholeheartedly that potential customers should contact us, which we invite everyone to do.

We are a trusted company too, with many satisfied customers who have made successful PPI compensation cases to their bank or lender.

We do charge a fee for our service which is 25% of the settlement amount you receive. Other firms charge more, whilst others charge less. We believe our fee is correct for the high quality service we offer our customers.

Don't be taken in by those scrupulous companies out there, after all you trusted your bank and they took advantage of you, selling you a product you didn't need!

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