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PPI – How to Claim…

Many people have all kinds of questions relating to how to claim back their payment protection insurance (PPI) premiums. As part of our comprehensive service, we make sure that you have ALL the information you need to make the right decision for you.

In this article, we address the issue of making a claim, without paperwork as 'proof'.

Tell us your PPI story!

Many people think that because they do not have paperwork that proves they had PPI on an account that there is no PPI road to travel.

In some cases, this may be true BUT, for many others, they still have a claim for PPI compensation.  What you need to do is tell us your PPI story and here are a few questions to get your story going…

Have you had a loan or another product in which you borrowed money (credit card, car finance etc.) in the last decade?- if you have then the likelihood is that PPI WAS added to your account. What you must realise is that the scale of the mis-selling was vast and included virtually all banks, lenders and financial institutions in the UK.

Were you knowingly sold PPI?- for some people, it can take a lot of convincing that they were or are paying for PPI as in many cases, especially those loans and credit card applications completed online, that they have PPI on their accounts! This is because there are many hundreds, if not thousands of people out there who believe that because they were not knowingly sold PPI, this compensation saga does not affect them… when it does in the vast majority of cases!

Can you see the PPI premium listed separately on your account?- some banks and lenders did itemised the PPI premium as a separate payment on customer accounts, but many other people cannot see an trace of it. Even if you have paperwork, you may find that the terms and condition for PPI are buried in the small print, and often not pointed out to customers.

Do you think it is too late?- some people do believe that it is too late and that they do not have an eligible claim for PPI compensation. However, all the regulatory authorities and consumer organisations, along with the judicial reviews have made it very clear to the banks and lenders that it is now their priority to place customers back to the financial position they would now be in, if they had not been sold PPI on their loans.

Do NOT think PPI does not affect you! In all likelihood it does, and the company to contact to get the very best advice is Payment Protection Scotland!