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Make that PPI claim!

The PPI deadline is counting down and with each tick of the clock, we are closer to so many customers missing out on claiming their cash back. Make 2018 the year you claim your money back and let Payment Potection Scotland be the company that helps you.

PPI Claim

The 'no obligation, just-want-to-find-out-a-bit-more' chat

We understand that even with all the information on PPI compensation claims circulating around that people still have questions. They want to know more about the claims process, what they need and don't need, as well as how long will it take, how much money could they get back, does it affect their credit score and more.

Some people are ready to plunge headlong into making a claim, whilst others are more cautious. Taking the first step is something we all do every day and every journey begins with it. In the case of your PPI compensation claim journey, your first step is contacting PPI Scotland for the 'no obligation, just-want-to-find-out-a-bit-more' chat.

But why trust us?

The 7-Point Guide as to Why Payment Protection Scotland is one leading claim management company?

We are trusted and respected throughout the industry for the amazing service we offer our customers:

  • We will only take on genuine cases of PPI compensation claims - in other words, our extensive initial information gathering exercise with our customers means we build genuine cases for PPI claims. If you do not have PPI on your accounts - or we cannot prove that you have - then we will not take you claim further.
  • We are also honest. Some accounts do have PPI on them. Occasionally, although PPI was massively mis-sold to thousands of customers, there are cases where PPI was a genuine sale. In the unlikely event that this is the case, we will tell you.
  • We do not offer wild guarantees when it comes to successful PPI compensation claims. We offer straight-forward,easy-to-understand advice on your case.
  • We do not send unsolicited text messages or emails telling customers how much they are owed - no-one can know this until the facts and figures of the case have been considered. The average payout is £2,750 but it can be a lot less, as well as being substantially more for some customers.
  • If you contact us but decide not to continue, then that is fine! You are under no obligation when you call us. Neither will we plague you with phone calls afterwards.
  • We keep you up to date with the progress of your caseon a regular basis and in the format you want - this could be a quick phone call, a text or even emails.
  • There are no up-front fees and you pay us, once you have received your PPI cheque

There is nothing simpler! Contact Payment Protection Scotland today, either by phone or by using our online form.