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How Were you Mis-sold PPI?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was mis-sold to thousands of customers - and you could be one of them!

It is an insurance policy that was meant to protect repayments on a debt in the event that you were unable to pay due to loss of income. This could be as a result of being too ill to work, or being made redundant.

But it was mis-sold to people for all kinds of reasons and, if you are thinking of claiming PPI compensation, you need to know what these reasons are. We can of course, help you with this or why not browse our handy list?


Age has a bearing on whether you were covered by PPI or not. In many ways, the policy was quite prescriptive. If you were under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 at the time the policy was sold to you, you have a claim. This is because the policy does not cover anyone outside of the age range 18 to 65.

Employment status

If you were retired, worked part time, a student or were self-employed when the PPI policy was sold to you, you will have a claim for PPI compensation.

In most cases, the policy covered people who worked full time, usually classed at working 30 hours + a week. There were specific conditions relating to making a claim if you were self-employed and in most cases, people were not made aware, for example, that in order to have a potentially successful claim, you would need to close your business.


Some people bought their loan or credit card online, but other people applied for their products in the bank or office of their lender etc. It may be in these cases, that customers were given a certain impression...

  • You were given the impression that buying PPI was compulsory- it certainly wasn't! Banks sometimes hinted to customers that buying the policy was a way of protecting themselves and it was a great move. It may have been but you still didn't have to buy theirs.
  • You were given the impression that shopping around for a better policy at a better price was not an option- only their PPI policy would do...
  • You were given the impression that by buying PPI, your application was more likely to be successful- another common trick but that is all it was, a trick. The decision whether to lend money to a customer should be based on objective factors, such as credit scores etc. and not whether they buy another policy or not.

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