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Have You Kept to Your New Year Resolutions?

With the first signs of spring, it is time to review how well your New Year's resolutions have stuck in 2016.

From getting fitter to not working so hard, most people make a list of 'must do this year' activities only to find that by the end of January, all of these good intentions have fallen by the way side.

Making changes is hard, especially when we are trying to break habits and routines that have been part of our lives for a long, long time.

Here at Payment Protection Scotland, we suggested that one of your New Year resolutions could be to get your finances in order - and give them a boost by claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).

Was claiming PPI compensation on your list of resolutions?

If it was and you set the wheels in motion in early January, chances are, if everything has gone according to plan, you could already be enjoying your PPI compensation. If not, the windfall shouldn't be too far off.

If your case was a tad more complex, it may be that you are still pushing for it to be resolved.

If you haven't started a claim, or even looked to see if you have PPI, then nothing will have happened. Nothing will have changed. There is no cheque in the post with your name on it...

It is not too late!

With the new growth and life of spring to inspire you, why not make this the season to surge forwards with a PPI compensation claim?

It is not difficult, complex or stressful. This is what you need to do:

  • Check the paperwork - some PPI policies were added at the time you bought a loan or credit card etc., and some policies were 'sold' to you at a later date. Either way, lurking somewhere in your filing system will be some kind of evidence that you have or have had PPI.
  • Can't find it? Ring the bank or lender - paperwork has a habit of going missing or when you think that you don't need something, you may have got rid of it. This isn't a problem; just call the bank or lender as ask them if you had PPI on your account.
  • Make a claim - if you do find evidence of PPI, make a claim because there could be thousands of pounds of your money waiting to be put back into your bank account. There are all kinds of reasons why PPI was mis-sold to you.

Get help

If you are unsure of any aspect of claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI, all you need to do is make one phone call - contact Payment Protection Scotland and have a chat with our friendly team today.