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How to Claim PPI Compensation Before the Deadline

Even though PPI compensation has been around for years, it is about to end. The PPI deadline is only a few weeks away and that means people could miss out if they don't know how to claim PPI compensation.

We recap on what PPI is and how to go about claiming PPI compensation before the August 2019 deadline.

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What is PPI?

PPI a specific type of insurance product that was sold alongside credit agreements, such as personal loans, credit cards, hire purchase agreements, car finance, catalogue accounts, store cards and many other kinds of credit.

It was originally designed to protect you, the policyholder, in the event that you were unable to make your monthly repayments on the loan. But, concerns were raised about how it was being sold and to whom, as well as its cost.

Why has the mis-selling saga lasted so long?

This is to do with the number of policies sold and the number of people duped into buying the policy by their bank or lender.

It is also because many people were mis-sold more than one PPI policy. Another reason is that the banks and lenders dragged their feet at the start of the process, hoping that the problem would disappear.

For many of the customers involved, they don't realise they have a claim for compensation, as they didn't realise they had been 'sold' it in the first place.

It didn't. 34 million PPI policies were thought to have been sold in the UK, affecting millions of customers.

The mis-selling problem

The way in which the PPI policy was presented to you at the time it was sold may be an indication of whether you were mis-sold it or not.

In some cases, the debate as to whether you were mis-sold the product or not can be complex. Thus, it is important that if you are unsure, you seek advice.

However, in the main, many customers were…

  • Told the purchase of the PPI policy was compulsory - it is NOT
  • NOT told the limitations, terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy - there were many and that means you probably weren't covered
  • NOT told of their eligibility to claim via this policy - in other words, many people were unable to claim on the policy as they simply were not eligible. Would you have bought it, knowing this?

But perhaps the worst-case scenario was when some customers, clearly making an emotive decision to borrow money were told that they were more likely to be accepted for finance if they took out the policy.

Claim YOUR money back

Don't let the bank get away with it!

Make sure that you check all the paperwork NOW for signs of PPI - should it be on there? Does it cover you for repayments on the loan etc.? Are you eligible to claim?

Why not let Payment Protection Scotland help you claim your money back?

Can I Claim PPI Compensation…?

… if I cannot find any paperwork or details relating to a PPI policy on my accounts?

In essence, you would need to confirm one way or another with your bank or lender that you had a PPI policy on your account.

Question -mark

Banks and lenders are now more willing to share this information, although they can still be difficult. They must respond to you in a timely manner. If your account is many years old, they may charge a fee to search their 'archives'. If you think this is unfair or excessive, you can complain to them. They may waive the fee but if not, you can always ask the Financial Ombudsman to look into the issue for you.

If you don't have any luck with the bank, you may be able to find this information with one of the many credit reference agencies. There may be a fee for this.

... if I am in arrears with the bank or have a poor credit rating?

Some critics of the banks say that the unfair way that they have treated people by selling them an overly-expensive policy has led to many people falling into arrears with their accounts. Some customers found that once PPI was added to their loan or credit card, for example, the repayments were far higher than what they thought they would be.

You can claim PPI compensation if you are in arrears and will not adversely affect your credit rating. The bank must pay you the money although they will suggest you pay off the arrears.

… if I don't know why it was mis-sold to me?

There are many reasons why PPI was mis-sold. For example;

  • It was added to your account after you have bought the loan or credit card
  • It was not sufficiently explained to you, such as the exclusions under the policy and so on
  • You were self-employed, retired, unemployed, working a zero contract, working a temporary job or worked part-time at the time PPI was sold to you - the policy would not have covered you
  • You just assumed it was part of the package

Our team can help you with your claim as there are many other reasons why PPI policies were mis-sold to people.

… if me and my spouse are no longer together but the loan was in joint names?

Many couples are claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI and are doing so after their relationship has ended. In the case of PPI, it was not only debt specific but also linked to one person although you probably weren't told that when you took out the loan and the insurance policy.

But if you both contributed to the monthly premiums, you are technically both due money back. Our team at Payment Protection Scotland can help you with joint claims but both parties would normally need to agree to the claim. There are exceptional cases where one spouse can make a claim without the other.

PPI Claims – What You Need To Know

If you are thinking of making a claim for compensation believing that payment protection insurance (PPI) was mis-sold to you, there are some key facts that you need to know.


1. Providing proof

As per consumer and financial laws in the UK, as a customer, if you believe that a financial product has been mis-sold to you, you will need to provide 'proof' that this was the case.

In the case of PPI, it has come to light that there are many reasons why PPI was mis-sold to customers:

  • Terms and conditions are not explained clearly
  • Exclusions were not made obvious to customers
  • Customers were told or given the impression it was compulsory
  • Some people were advised to buy PPI but were unaware of why it was the right policy
  • Many people felt pressured into buying PPI
  • Other customers felt that their application for a loan etc. would not be successful unless they bought the policy
  • They were over the age of 65 years when it was sold to them
  • They were self-employed

There are other reasons too, all of which Payment Protection Scotland can talk through with you when you call them.

2. Within the deadline

The PPI deadline of August 2019 is only a few months away. If you were mis-sold PPI before summer 2017, you have until 29th August to lodge your complaint or face missing out of thousands of pounds compensation.

There are other deadlines too. If you received a letter from your bank or lender telling you that you may have been mis-sold PPI, you have three years from the date of the letter to make a claim. If you have received a letter, you MUST act because by writing to you, the bank is more or less telling you that you have PPI - and that there could be a heap of cash with your name in it!

3. Do it yourself or get professional help

Not everyone is a fan of claim management companies, believing that they charge huge fees for something that customers can do themselves.

You can defend yourself in a court case but most people choose to use an expert solicitor. So when it comes to PPI claims, why not use an expert and reputable claim management company such as Payment Protection Scotland?

Can Payment Protection Scotland help you?

With a high success rate, we put our success down to the rigorous assessment process that we have. We examine every case in detail, ensuring that we gather as much information as we can from you in order to create a case that the bank or lender will find hard to refute.

We are successful at what we do and we can help you too - call us now to find out more!

Get Your Money Back – Claim PPI Compensation!

Payment protection insurance (PPI) had become the most talked about financial product in the history of modern-day banking. If you have PPI on loans, credit cards, store cards, car finance, mortgages or any other financial product and think you may be entitled to claim your money back, read on...


PPI is a BIG problem

PPI was designed to protect repayments on loans or other credit products. A sensible idea and product to buy, you may think.

The good bit…

Should you be unable to work for a variety of reasons, such as redundancy or illness, having an insurance policy that will continue to make repayments on your loan make financial sense. After all, paying regularly and on time protects your credit rating.

The not so good bit…

But, the issue with PPI as a product was that as insurance, it represented poor value for money.The premiums were high for very little cover. There were other issues too;

  • the pay-out rate on claims that were successful was as low at 15%. Compare that to successful claims on car insurance at a payout rate of 85% and you can see what the problem is.
  • PPI also added significant debt to the loan, making the affordability of loans, credit cards more difficult.
  • PPI premiums on credit cards added a large amount to the outstanding debt. Premiums were calculated as a percentage of the amount outstanding on the account each month, so the bigger your credit card balance, the bigger the PPI premium.

A problem with selling

The other issue with PPI was the way in which it was sold. The terms and conditions were also limited, offering that few people cover.

Customers withpre-existing medical conditionswere not covered and some medical conditions or illnesses were not covered. Mental health issues that may have prevented you from working were not covered and neither were spinal or back problems.

Another mis-selling issue was the way that some banks and lenders simplyadded PPI to accounts without consent or permission. This happened most frequently with credit cards.

PPI on loans and other similar products is optional but many customers felt compelled to take out PPI, whilst others were told it was a 'condition of sale'. Some customers said that they felt it was hinted they were more likely to be accepted for the loan if they bought the PPI policy.

Claim PPI compensation with Payment Protection Scotland

If you have taken out a loan, credit card, store card, mortgage, the likelihood is you were also sold PPI too.

Payment Protection Scotland is one of Scotland's leading PPI claims management firms and we can help you claim your money back - call us NOW before the August 2019 PPI deadline.

Why Claim PPI Compensation?

I've heard stories of people waiting months to for their PPI compensation to be paid and how stressful they found the whole process.


And when they did get their money, it was a lot less than the average of £2,750 that was promised on the text they received from an official PPI claim company.

And then the company took a big slice of it too! I don't think I'll bother claiming PPI compensation. It doesn't seem worth it.

There are many stories of people trying and failing to claim PPI compensation. There are also stories of people being landed with an unexpectedly large bill from the claim management company who helped claim their money back.

We guarantee this won't happen with Payment Protection Scotland. And this is why;

We don't make promises we can't keep

We always make sure that any advertising we do is correct and truthful. The presence of PPI is, on its own, not enough to secure compensation. This is why we always say we need to talk to you, and asses you claim against various criteria that point to success. We believe this is one of the reasons why we have such a success rate.

We are transparent about our fee

Unlike some other claim management companies, we have always been clear on what our free structure is. We charge a flat fee meaning that if your claim for PPI compensation turns out to be complex, you won't have a bigger bill.

We change our fees from time to time, so call our expert team today to ask about our current fee and how to pay it.

We operate on a no win, no fee basis

No win, no fee means exactly that: if we don't win your case, you don't have to pay us for our time nor resources.

There is no need to make payments on account nor pay us any money up front. We take on the financial risk of your case so you don't have to. You only pay when your claim for PPI compensation is successful.

We have a rigorous assessment process conducted by expert, knowledgeable staff

It sounds scary 'rigorous assessment' but what we mean is this - our expert staff will talk you through a series of questions. By answering these to the best of your ability, we can be clear about not only whether you have a claim, but how much PPI compensation you could be entitled to.

So why not start the conversation today? Call Payment Protection Scotland about your PPI compensation claim.


Unsure About HOW to Claim PPI Compensation?

We have all the information that you need! Browse through our list of what to do (and what to avoid) in order to claim your money back…


DO check out how your bank or lender is accepting PPI claims

Banks and lenders have been told by the banking regulator to make claiming PPI as easy and as simple as possible. This means making PPI compensation claim forms and information on how to make a claim readily available.

Most banks and lenders have these on their website. In most cases, you don't need to phone them and with some lenders, you can log your claim online too.

DO turn to the right people for help

The internet is a wonderful place BUT, it can be full of misinformation and wrong turns. This is why if you are unsure of any aspect of advice or help, you turn to the right people.

Claim management companies are, in the main, professional, expert and reputable companies who specialise in all kinds of compensation claims. Choose one that has a long and successful track record with PPI claims, like PPI Scotland.

DO make a claim for PPI compensation before the 2019 deadline

If you think you have been mis-sold PPI, don't let the bank get away with it! Make your claim. You could be entitled to thousands of pounds in premiums, interests and any costs or fees incurred on your account as a result of PPI being added to it. And with the deadline only months away, you need to start your claim now.

DON'T let the banks get away with it

Banks and lenders knew that PPI was not a policy that was suitable for the large majority of customers to whom they sold it. For example, banks knew when people were self-employed but this didn't stop them selling a policy that was not really suitable for self-employed people.

DO claim, even if you agreed to PPI

Many people assume that because they agreed to PPI, they don't really have a claim. The point is, that many banks and lenders didn't give you the full facts about the policy and so what you agreed to, is not the policy that you were paying for.

For example, if you knew that the policy did not cover your existing medical condition, would you have still bought it? The likely answer is no, as the one thing that could stop you from working and therefore making repayments on your loan, would not have been covered by the policy.

DO call Payment Protection Scotland

We have a long, successful history of helping people claim their money back. From a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds, there is probably PPI compensation with your name on it!

Do Banks Make It Hard To Claim PPI?

With less than 12 months to the PPI deadline August 2019, the most recent report from Which? regarding how banks are handling PPI complaints make for sobering reading. But what does it mean for your PPI claim?


What Which? found

Which? is a well-established and long respected consumer organisation. They work with consumers and brands to bring about better product and services. PPI is just one financial product they have become involved in.

Although customers are being encouraged to lodge complaints regarding PPI if they find they have a policy, it seems that the banks are not always playing fair.

Among the complaints about the claim process that Which? came across were 12-page questionnaires as part of the claiming process with very little time to complete it.

Which banks are the worst offenders?

The Which? report found that;

  • RBS group were the hardest for making a claim with 24% of respondents saying they found the process difficult
  • 19% of customers said that they found the process difficult with Nationwide Building Society
  • Lloyds Banking Group came close behind with 18% of people saying that they thought the process of making a claim was tough.

But it wasn't all bad news. 64% of people who were customers atHSBCwho had made a claim for PPI compensation said the found the claim process straightforward. And the majority of Barclays customers, just over half at 56%, were also happy with the claim process.

Of those customers who had made a successful claim, the average claim was around £1,500.

Nothing to lose

It is important to understand that claiming PPI compensation places you in a win-win situation.

There were millions of policies sold to millions of customers with financial experts believing that the majority of policies were mis-sold.

And that means you could be owed thousands.

  • Unsure about which products you have? - check out your credit profile with Clear Score, Experian and others as the details relating to the loans., credit cards etc. will be contained on file.
  • Contact the bank - and ask them for information relating to PPI policies. They have this information and should share it with you.
  • Contact Payment Protection Scotland for more help and support - we have worked with thousands of customers to successfully claim thousands of pounds in PPI compensation.

No win, no fee

This means that if your claim is unsuccessful, we won't charge you a penny. We make sure that every claim we take on has a high chance of success so you are guaranteed a great service from the Payment Protection Scotland team.

But the PPI deadline clock is ticking - start your claim TODAY!

Can I Claim PPI Compensation If…?

Have questions regarding claiming PPI compensation before the deadline, 29th August 2019? You've come to the right place!

… I am in arrears with the bank or lender?

Yes, you can! There is nothing stopping you from claiming PPI compensation, including whether you are in debt or not. In fact, the high cost of PPI could well be one of the reasons why your repayments were as high as they were.

If you have an IVA or are facing sequestration, there are certain things that have to happen. To find out more, contact our team who can talk you through how PPI will affect your IVA and financial circumstances.

… I am over the age of 65?

Yes, you can! PPI was mis-sold to millions of customers. There are many reasons why PPI was mis-sold but one was that it was a policy that covered people aged 18 to 65 BUT, banks still sold PPI to people who were over the age of 65.

If you were aged under 18 or over 65 when the policy was sold to you, you do have a claim for PPI compensation. Contact our team today!

… If I don't have the paperwork?

Yes, you can! Many people assume that because they don't have the original paperwork for the loan, credit card, etc. that they cannot make a claim for PPI compensation. This is not the case. For a start, banks and lenders do have a digital record of who borrowed money from them and this data includes whether they had PPI or not.

Our team can find out on your behalf if you had PPI on your loan, credit card, catalogue accounts and so on. Give us a call!

… My loan account is closed?

Yes, you can! People assume that there is a deadline or limit about how far back you can claim compensation for mis-sold PPI but we urge anyone who has had a loan or credit card etc., to contact us to find out more about making a claim.

It is your money! Give our team a call to see how we can help.

… I miss the deadline?

No, you can't. The Financial Conduct Authority has set the date by which PPI compensation claims must be made. If you want to make a claim for mis-sold PPI, you must do so by midnight on 29th August 2019.

You don't have long to claim YOUR money back. Give our team a call today and you could be enjoying a welcome windfall within two to three months!

Exercise Your Consumer Rights – Claim PPI Compensation

Payment protection insurance - commonly known as PPI - is a financial product that will be forever known as the biggest mis-selling scandal ever to have rocked the British financial industry.

Within the UK, 24 financial firms are responsible for 96% of the claims with a variety of banks finding they have had to add considerable amounts of money to their PPI compensation pots - the Royal Bank of Scotland, for example, has added a reported £450million, while Barclays has added even more to its PPI compensation fund.

And why are banks adding funds to their compensation pots? Because customers are exercising their rights and asking for their money back - and you could be next in line to claim your money back with our help.

What is 'mis-selling'?

It is a phrase linked with PPI but what does it actually mean?

PPI was mis-sold for a variety of reasons but essentially, it means that it is not suitable for many people.

Customers who, for example, were;

  • self-employed or
  • retired or
  • suffering from pre-existing medical conditions

and were sold PPIwould not have been able to make a claimunder the terms and conditions of the PPI policy as they were not covered.

And some of these terms and conditions also present many mis-selling issues - significant exclusions, such as pre-existing medical conditions were not fully explained to customers. Thus, when some customers thought they were covered, they were not.

Make sure you exercise your consumer rights

PPI was mis-sold on a large number of products to thousands of customers. If you have had a loan, credit card, mortgage, car finance, catalogue account with any company - or any combination of any of these products -  contact Payment Protection Scotland.

How to claim your money back

You need to;

  1. Look through all your accounts on which you borrowed money- this means checking catalogue accounts, credit cards, loans and more. And check carefully as PPI was not always called PPI and neither will premiums always be obvious.
  2. If you find PPI, make a claim-even if you are unsure how or why it was mis-sold to you. The likelihood is it was mis-sold and you will be due to all your premiums back, and interest too.

Who we are

As a claims management company specialising in PPI compensation claims, we have helped thousands of customers to successfully exercise their consumer rights - and claim their money back.

We charge a fee for our service but offer our expertise on a no win, no fee basis. Interested? Call us!

Claim the PPI Compensation You Are Entitled to!

Since 2011, there have been a large number of articles in the media highlighting the mis-selling of payment protection insurance or PPI on loans, store cards, credit cards and mortgages.

We were all being encouraged to look at our credit agreements to see if PPI was part of the contract.

40% of People Have Done Just That

Nearly seven years to the date the first few PPI claims were made, around 40% of people entitled to make a claim for PPI compensation have done so.

That leaves 60% of customers with a claim yet to make one - are you one of them?

Not Always Easy to Spot

Looking at your credit agreement paperwork, you may find in difficult to see if you have been or are paying payment protection insurance because different lenders have different names for payment protection insurance.

Some store or credit cards, for example, called their PPI products 'card care'. Repayment protection insurance was also an oft-used name for payment protection insurance.

Mortgage lenders also had a variety of names for these products.

On looking at your credit agreement documentation, if you see a payment for repayment protection insurance you may have a form of PPI on the account.

What PPI Promised…

The basic idea behind payment protection insurance was that in the event you were unable to keep up repayments on your loan or credit card due to illness and not being able to work and so on, the PPI policy should kick in, and make the repayments for you.

But not all customers needed PPI. For example, some customers already had payment protection insurance policies in place, and didn't need another policy.

Some PPI policies were also limited in the cover, whilst others had a waiting time of three months or more before a claim could be made. All these limitations and instances of 'no cover' in the terms and conditions of PPI were not made obvious to the customer.

In some cases, some people were not asked or made aware that they had this type of payment protection insurance on their loan!

This mass mis-selling of payment protection insurance to customers across the UK now mean that customers are now claiming back money owed to them 'en masse'. Banks and other financial institutions have put aside an estimated billions of pounds to cover PPI compensation claims.

How we Help

We make sure that you have a claim for mis-sold PPI. We will then take your case forward, getting back all of your money. Why not talk to our expert team today?