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Is This the Year you Will Make a Compensation Claim for Mis-sold PPI?

With 25% of New Year resolutions not making it past the first week of the New Year, we can be disheartened that we have failed with at least one items on our 'new me' resolution list.

Making changes to our lives takes time, energy and will but when it comes to making a claim for PPI compensation, it may be that you desire suffers from more than a touch of lethargy.

And so, recognising what gets in your way when it comes to achieving your resolutions ensures that 2016 is the year that you finally claim back the thousands of pounds that could be owning to you…

PROBLEM 1 -  You are already busy

There doesn't seem to be a spare moment in the day and when you do find five minutes, it is at the tail end of the day when all you want to do is sit down and relax. The thought of wading through paperwork from past loans, credit cards, catalogue accounts, car finance and so on is not a welcome one and thus, it doesn't happen.

The solution: Ask Payment Protection Scotland to help

We can't come round and wade through the paperwork but what we can do to make it easier is tell you what it is you are looking for. Knowing what you are searching for is a way of finding it. Plunging in when you have no idea what you should be discovering is a sure fire way to fail.

PROBLEM 2 - Tasks need to be prioritised

If you knew that there was a possibility of claiming thousands of pounds of your money back, would you make it a priority? Even though you know that this is a possibility, apathy and having a hundred and one other things to do gets in the way of finding the paperwork or making the phone call to PPI Scotland.

The solution: Decide on a time when you start your claim - and stick to it

A 20-minute phone call with Payment Protection Scotland is all it takes to turn your 'really must do that' moment into a 'wow! I could be owed money!' moment. Asa difficult as it may be, spending some time looking into whether you have PPI or not will be time well spent.

Problem 3 - Today Vs. Sometime

There is also the notion of putting something off until the time you feel like doing it, or want to do it and so on. The problem is there is never a right when it comes to doing somethings - like looking through the paperwork for evidence of PPI on your loan, mortgage and so on…

The solution: call Payment Protection Scotland right now!