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Why Use a Claim Management Company to Make a PPI Compensation Claim?

There has been a lot written (and a lot of misinformation too!) about PPI and how to claim compensation. In equal measure, there is a lot written about claim management companies that offer a 'claim on your behalf' service.

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Many people have chosen to use a claim management company, like Payment Protection Scotland but you can claim PPI yourself too, through your bank or lender. So why do people work with claim management companies and how do you choose the right one for you?

Myth - Faster Claims

It is only in recent years that claim management companies (CMC) are being regulated but when the PPI saga first hit the headlines, many companies sprang up, offering PPI compensation claim services. Their marketing wasn't always the best and slowly, a myth developed that putting your claim through a CMC would yield faster results.

It doesn't. Banks and lenders have deadlines and timeframes within which time they must respond to the customer and as a CMC, we cannot force this process to be any faster than it is.

True - The Majority of CMCs are Professional and Reputable

Most CMCs take their business seriously and in order to further their professional reputation, they offer unparalleled customer service and care. The information and advice they give to customers are tailored to the customer's case and even when a PPI compensation claim is refused, they will continue to help them lodge their claim with the Financial Ombudsman.

True - We Do the Hard Work…

… so you can carry on living your busy life. Frankly, spending hours on the phone, writing letters, lodging complaints and chasing cases may not be your idea of fun in your leisure time, and other people agree. And this is why many people turn to CMCs to help them make their claim.

True - The Banks and Lenders Haven't Always Acted in the best Interest of Their Customers

If the banks and lenders had placed the customer as the centre of their services, we wouldn't be in this predicament in which thousands and thousands of people are claiming billions back in compensation. CMCs have led the way in making sure that customers get the information they need but have also spotted significant errors in the compensation amounts offered to customers.

True - WE Work for YOU

When you contact Payment Protection Scotland, we work for you. We act when you tell us and we stay in touch throughout the claim process so you know what is happening to your claim. There is no obligation to continue with your claim with us, and we operate on a no win, no fee basis too: you only pay if your claim is successful.

We offer a professional service for anyone seeking to claim PPI compensation. Call us and get your case started today!

Claiming PPI With a Claim Management Company

Claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) need not be difficult… if you know how.

We like to help our customers out as much as possible so here is our guide to claiming PPI compensation with a leading claim management company - US!

Opt for a claim management company that offers advice on a no obligation basis

Sometimes you just want to take to someone to find out the 'ins and outs' of making a claim. You will want to consider all your options but first, you need to know what they are!

As a leading claim management company, we offer all our advice on a no obligation basis which means exactly what you think it does: we talk through all your options, the pros and cons and so on without obligating you to make a claim nor to make a claim with us.

Refreshingly simple and straightforward.

Opt for a claim management company that offers their services on a no win, no fee basis

The no win, no fee agreement is a great solution for you. It means that you are not taking a financial risk in claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI. Imagine the frustration of engaging a professional company only for you not to be successful in your claim - you will be out of pocket when you pay them for their services but there is no compensation due to you.

When a company, like ourselves, offer their services on a no win, no fee basis, it means that they will take time to assess your claim properly and at the right time - in other words, right at the start of your claim.

This means that you do not get to the end of your claim, only to find that you don't have a claim or it is ineligible. And, better still, you only pay for their professional services if they are successful in claiming your money back.

Opt for a claim management company that does NOT offer guarantees or promises

No claim management company that is reputable and professional would ever promise or guarantee success in claiming your money back, even if they are one of the leading claim management companies in the UK.

This is because, there are no guarantees or promises in the process. It may look on paper like you are entitled to your money back, but the bank may dispute this. Always work with the claim management company who offer a transparent service, where you know all the pitfalls as well as the advantages.

In summary

Look for a claim management company that offers;

  • No obligation advice
  • Their services on a no win, no fee basis
  • Transparency rather them empty promises

Call Payment Protection Scotland to find out more!

The Benefits of Using a Claim Management Company

Making a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) according to some websites, is 'easily done'. All you need to do, they say, is check this and check that, telling the bank you are entitled to compensation and why. Job done…. Or is it?

What is a claim management company?

Also known by its acronym CMC, this is a company that will manage your case on your behalf. They work in all kinds of fields, not just helping people to claim compensation for mis-sold PPI.

Some work within the field of personal injury claims. They prepare the evidence and information, passing it on either to their own legal teams or finding a lawyer to work with to actually make your claim. If a case is straight forward, it may not necessitate a lawyer.

With PPI compensation claims, there is rarely a need for a lawyer but the CMC can provide an invaluable service for some people.

Why are some people critical of CMCs?

Firstly, a CMC charges a fee for their service, usually as a % of the final amount you receive in compensation. Some companies charge a high fee, whereas others have a fee structure that is more in keeping with the level of work done.

Some people are critical too not only of the fee, but also of some of the marketing that some CMCs have become involved in. For example, aggressive and sometimes misleading texts sent to mobile phones.

Sometimes, the accuracy of the information and the marketing jargon around can also mislead customers in to thinking that making a claim for PPI compensation is complex and difficult.

So, are there benefits to using a CMC?

For many people, using a claims company has helped them enormously:

  • Helpful - there are some customers who find the prospect of making a compensation claim daunting. They are unaware of what their rights are and this has led to some banks and lenders not dealing with their claim fairly.
  • Marketing - there are also some marketing campaigns initiated by claim management companies that have placed the facts about PPI and how to make a claim firmly in the domain. As yet, no bank has invested cash in advertising to their customers how to make a claim and why it is important.
  • Simple and complex - there are times when compensation claims can be complex. There are also times when the bank has not acted in a way that was fair, with CMCs highlighting these cases to prevent them happening again. People not being properly compensated, such as those claimants who were denied the fees and costs that should have been reimbursed: this issue was first raised by a claim management company.

As a claim management company, Payment Protection Scotland do charge a fee for their professional services. Contact us to find out more, and how we can help you.