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Can I Claim PPI Compensation If…?

We answer many questions about PPI compensation and how to claim it and this is why we have created this handy guide to claiming compensation.

Can I claim PPI compensation if…?I don't use Payment Protection Scotland to help me?

Yes, you can. Many people claim PPI compensation direct from their bank or lender. Others use our professional services.

It is entirely a matter of personal preference. We charge a fee for our service but we provide a professional and reputable PPI compensation claim service to all our customers, irrespective of whether their claim is worth a hundred pounds or thousands of pounds.

Can I claim PPI compensation if…? I don't have evidence of PPI?

This is complex as before we can act on your behalf, we need to be confident we are working on a genuine claim for PPI compensation.

You may not have paper evidence, but it is possible to get evidence of PPI in other ways;

  • Ask your bank or lender direct - they will tell you if you have PPI. If they say 'their records don't go back that far', insist that they find the information.
  • Approach a credit reference agency - some of these agencies will have details of your loans etc. on file and may also list PPI policies.
  • If the lender is out of business, such as EGG credit cards - these lenders were bought or are backed by high street banks who are now responsible for PPI compensation claims. We can help you trace the bank or lender.

Can I claim PPI compensation if…?I am over 65 years of age?

You can claim PPI compensation at any age. The policy itself covered people from ages 18 to 65 which is why some people think they are too old to claim PPI compensation. If you were paying premiums on a policy after the age of 65, you were paying for a policy that did not cover you.

Can I claim PPI compensation if…? If I don't have the money to pay to make a claim?

We operate on a no win, no fee basis. This means you don't pay us any money upfront nor have to make payments on account to get the process moving. You ONLY pay us for our services if we are successful in claiming your money back on your behalf. Once you get your money back, we send you our invoice and you will have so many days to pay. All of this is explained in our terms and conditions, and your specialist PPI advisers from our expert team will also talk through the detail.