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Find out More About Making a PPI Claim Today

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was a product that was meant to protect the policyholder, but with such tight terms and conditions, many people found that there were not eligible for cover.

The way in which it was being sold also created issues. Eventually, after judicial reviews and argument, it was found that PPI was mis-sold to thousands of customers. As a result, the flood gates of claiming compensation were opened.

The first claims for compensation were lodged some years ago, with claims still being made today. Could yours be one of them?

You may have many questions and one way of finding the answers is to call Payment Protection Scotland. Why not take a look at our quick guide to claiming compensation and the questions other people have asked over the years?

I'm really not if I have PPI. Some of my loans were from years ago. What do you suggest?

Many people are in the same position. The first step is to take some time to find if you had PPI on the loans or credit cards etc. that you once had.

You will need to recall who you had the loan or credit card with. In some cases, some of these credit card companies or lenders are actually branches or off-shoots of well-known banking groups in the UK.

Once we know who they are, we will need some basic facts e.g. you had a personal, unsecured loan with them etc., how much it was for and the date of the loan. We will then contact them on your behalf - and with your permission - to confirm if you had PPI.

But, will they tell me if I had PPI?

Banks and lenders have now realised that they need to be accommodating as far as they can when it comes to resolving PPI compensation claims for their customers. Only after examining the facts will we know if there is compensation due but, the bank or lender will have records of who they sold PPI to.

How much could I claim?

This varies from case to case, depending on how long you had the policy, the level of your premiums and so on. There are also costs and fees to consider too. The average figure of £2,750 was calculated right at the start of the compensation process and represents the value of policies, divided by the number of customers who had PPI.

Your compensation claim for mis-sold PPI could be worth a lot more, or less. Why not find out more today - contact Payment Protection Scotland.

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