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Do you Have Concerns About Claiming Compensation for Mis-sold PPI?

To some people, it seems straightforward - you tell the bank you have PPI and ask for compensation. For other people, they have many concerns about claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).

I have read about non-genuine claims being made. I don't know if I have a claim or not but if it turns out that I don't, will there be a backlash?

There were, and possibly still are, disingenuous PPI compensation claims being made. However, these are categorised as claims being made by people or some less reputable claim management companies who know that the claim is not valid; in other words, no PPI policy exists but they still attempt to claim compensation.

There are no guarantees and compensation is not an automatic entitlement but, if you have a PPI policy, the likelihood is that you are entitled to compensation as it will have been mis-sold to you.

Hence, if you make a claim and find that in the unlikely event you are one of the few without a case for compensation, it does not constitute a fraudulent claim.

I am unsure whether to make a claim as I am in arrears with the bank. What should I do?

The decision is yours to make but, it is important to note that there is no barrier to anyone with a compensation claim for mis-sold PPI from making a case.

There are some cases where people are in arrears that may have been made worse by the fact that PPI was added to the loan or the account in the first place. It is a common story that people received a loan, budgeting a certain amount for repayment only to find that they were paying a lot more. This was because PPI was added to their account.

Can I make a claim for compensation without the need of a claim management company?

Yes, you can. There is nothing stopping you from approaching your bank or lender directly.

People use companies like Payment Protection Scotland for all kinds of reasons, from lack to time to simply preferring someone else to deal with the bank or lender in question. Some people feel awed by the banks and the thought of calling to ask for their money back is not a conversation they want to have.

We can help you, no matter what your reasons are for using a claim management company. If you have PPI and would like to know more about claiming compensation if it was mis-sold to you, then please call us: 0141 844 0017.

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