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Received a Text Recently?

Seems an odd question for us to be asking! You probably receive many texts in any given day if you own a mobile phone.

Unfortunately, some of the daily texts we receive are from companies who we may not have asked to send us texts. Known as spam texts, they can be an absolute nuisance.

But, many customers of Payment Protection Scotland have received a text at some point in the past (and probably again in the future!) from a company who promise or heavily suggest that they are entitled to claim PPI compensation, as well as also give a compensation figure.

On one hand, this may be true and here at Payment Protection Scotland we encourage EVERYONE to check all the paperwork, statements and other documentation of any accounts that have been active within the last 6 years.

Why 'the last 6 years'?

To claim compensation under consumer laws in the UK, the account must have been active within 6 years of the date you are making a claim. This means, the account must have been active in the sense that you were making payments - whether full or in part - within the previous 6 years. Hence a credit card you may have had for 20 years is eligible for a compensation claim providing you have been making payments at some point within the previous 6 years.

But on the other hand, these PPI spam texts can be an absolute nuisance!

No one can possibly know BEFORE they have looked at your case whether you are:

  1. entitled to compensation
  2. and how much PPI compensation you can claim back

The figure they quote in the text is a random figure, plucked from thin air!However, unless you know a thing or two about PPI and the compensation claims process, you are unlikely to know this.

This initial spam text will draw many people in to making an enquiry and then possibly making a claim with that company. Whilst this may not be a bad thing, some of these marketing 'tactics' have been used by less scrupulous companieswho have, allegedly, lodged fake claims with various high street banks.

In other words, some people have been lured into making claimsfor PPI compensation that they have no rightful claim to make. They may never have had PPI on their account; some customers are aware of this fact, whereas others are slightly hoodwinked into making a claim, not fully understanding the implications.

If you decide to make a claim for PPI compensation through a claims management company, use a trusted and reputable, professional firm like Payment Protection Scotland. Only happy to act on your behalf when we are confident there is PPI to claim back, you could soon be enjoying a compensation cheque with your name on it! Call us today.

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