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Don’t fall victim to PPI ‘Guarantees’ and ‘Promises’

UPDATE: you have 53 weeks left to claim PPI compensation

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is now firmly entrenched in British banking history as the most mis-sold financial product of all time. Any future contenders to this title will have a significant challenge on their hands to beat the twists and turns of this mis-selling saga.


But there remain a few dark clouds on the horizon. For starts, we are now entering the countdown to the August 2019 deadline. And there are still companies who hook people into making claims through them with false promises and guarantees.

Who are PPI scammers?

Not all companies purporting to be PPI experts are anything of the kind. They are opportunistic people who have decided to prey on people who want to claim their money back after being mis-sold PPI.

They are looking to make a lot of money and do so quickly.

How do they operate?

They operate in all kinds of ways but common factors are:

  • They make guarantees or promises that convince people to use their 'service'
  • They hide the true cost of their service, charging an extortionate fee
  • They tell you they know with certainty that you are not only owed money but how much money they can claim back on your behalf
  • They lure people in by promising them a large sum of money, with no basis on which to make these claims

How to avoid them

Avoiding claim companies that promise or guarantee to get you PPI compensation is easy… but only when you know how.

Here's our guide to avoiding stress and scams, but still claim your PPI compensation:

I. Make your PPI compensation claim yourself- banks and lenders are no longer being stubborn and unhelpful regarding PPI compensation. Quite often, on their website will be a section dedicated to PPI claims. Simply log on and fill out the details.

Other banks and lenders have different ways of doing things, so always check how you submit a claim for PPI compensation.

II. Avoid companies that 'promise' or 'guarantee'success- because there are no guarantees! Even though PPI was mis-sold to thousands of people, not everyone will be due compensation. It is likely you are entitled to your money back but no company or firm will know this until they examine your case in detail.

III. Avoid those that say they already know how much is owed to you- you may have seen this in texts sent to you. These messages are designed to hook and reel you in. No one can know you are due £1874.56p unless they have all your details,which they don't.

IV. Look at online reviews- if people are happy with the service they receive, they will often say so via online forums or review sites. If they receive bad service, they will make their feelings known too! Check independent review sites online, and ask your friends and family too.

V. Call Payment Protection Scotland- as we are a leading claim management company specialising in PPI compensation claims!

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